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More classic episodes of WWF Superstars coming to the WWE Network



It's been a while since we've seen fresh uploads of WWF Superstars to the WWE Network but fans will get some additional shows in a few days.

WWE Network News is reporting that more episodes will be uploaded this Monday. It's not clear yet how many shows will be uploaded but the new uploads will pick up with the December 12, 1992 episode and will go into 1993. The early 1993 shows will coincide with Hulk Hogan's return to the company. Hogan returned in February 1993 to set up his in-ring return where he teamed with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake against Money Inc. at WrestleMania IX.

That time period is when several big names left the company including Ric Flair, The Ultimate Warrior, British Bulldog, and Nailz. While Hogan was about to return to the company, Vince McMahon was focusing on building younger talent like Bret Hart, Yokozuna and Shawn Michaels while pushing the show in a direction geared more towards kids.

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For those of you wondering why WWE has not uploaded any pre-1992 episodes, it's because of the issues related to the trademark to the Superstars of Wrestling name, which they do not own. It appears that they've held off on uploading those shows since they need a ton of editing to remove the "Of Superstars" part of the logo so don't bet on seeing those shows uploaded anytime soon.