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More details on Rey Mysterio's exit from WWE

There have been conflicting reports going around online on Rey Mysterio's release from WWE. One report said that his contract simply ran out. Actually, there was an agreement made back around the November time frame that Rey would be granted his release from the company. The agreement between Rey and WWE was that as long as nobody finds out and it doesn't get out then they would release him on a certain date. That date was supposed to be this past Friday but the word got out early. The original plan was to do a joint announcement.

Rey was the one that wanted to get out of his deal and apparently he wanted out of his deal really bad. As previously noted, Rey is expected to jump to AAA and Lucha Underground. This could be a big deal for both companies since it could help them with TV clearances. Rey would be treated as the top star in both companies. At one point, several months ago, Rey stopped cashing checks from the company. The belief is that he was doing that just in case he needed to take legal action against the company. Things never got to that point. Right now he is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling and is getting $20,000 per appearance. At last count he's already been booked for 5 appearances.

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