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More details on the Enzo Amore rape accusation (updated)



In an effort to get all sides of the story, we have reached out to all of the parties involved. We reached out to Enzo Amore directly, the alleged victim, WWE, and Amore's friends Tyler Grosso and Layla Shapiro that were referenced in the alleged victim's story.

As of this writing, we have heard from WWE and Philomena (we withheld her last name for her safety).

The following details were provided to us by Philomena:

The alleged incident happened on October 19th. We were told that he was in Phoenix because he was at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert. Amore's Instagram account shows that he was in Phoenix on that date. This would have been on one of Amore's off days since WWE was not on the road at the time. We were told that she came clean to her father and friends on the 23rd or 24th or October. She had never met Amore, Grosso or Shapiro prior to the incident but she had been following Grosso and Shapiro on social media before the incident.

Philomena tells us that she was 8 months sober at the time and she walked into this room and there was cocaine everywhere. She says that she looked up to the people in the room and she didn't want to be an outcast so she partook. They smoked marijuana and then she snorted something that was not cocaine and it made her feel really weird. She said that she accidentally did meth before but this was different and it was definitely a drug to black someone out and she noticed that the other people in the party were not doing that drug.

She tells us that it took about 20 minutes it took for the drug to take effect and she was sitting on the couch and she could hear the noise but she couldn't move and she was freaking out and could not do anything because she was "stuck." She tells us that she vaguely remembers hearing Amore saying "thank you so much for bringing this girl around. This is what I've been needing. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of her. I'm going to rape the fuck out of her."

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When she told him "I want to get to know you better." Amore allegedly said, "I have a million followers on Instagram. You should be begging for this dick."

Grosso and Shapiro were not on board with this and somehow Amore eventually convinced them to leave. Philomena says that she remembers that Amore was on the couch and she remembers telling him to stop. She tells us that he literally picked her up and flipped her over and ripped her tights off and started raping her. She doesn't remember time but she blacked in and out and it could have lasted hours. At one point, he threw her hard against the headboard and that caused a bump on her head.

She tells that the next morning she had no idea where she was but she knew immediately what happened and she felt like she wanted to die. She says that got into her car and then called her father and said that some "really bad shit" happened to her the night prior. She went to Chandler Sovereign Health of Phoenix for 26 days because of the alleged incident. Philomena tells us that she would have committed suicide if she wasn't in a safe environment.

A police report was filed with the Phoneix Police Department 4 days after the alleged incident occurred and there is an open investigation. We are told that police are waiting for lab results.

Here is the statement that was sent to us by WWE:

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended."

As previously noted, we have reached out directly to Amore, Grosso, and Shapiro. If we get a statement from any of them then we'll post it here.