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More details on the return of Starrcade



WWE has announced that tickets for the return of Starrcade will go on sale on September 29. The show will take place in Greensboro, NC on November 25.

It's an interesting move because the WrestleCade convention, which attracts thousands of fans every year, will go head-to-head with Starrcade on one night. WrestleCade will take place on 11/24, 11/25, and 11/26 in Winston-Salem, NC and will feature hundreds of past and present wrestling stars.

As of this writing, Starrcade is a one-off show but I would not be surprised if it ends up on the WWE Network and it would not shock me if this became a yearly tradition for WWE.

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Starrcade tickets will be available on and Wrestlecade tickets are available now at

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