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More episodes of WWF PrimeTime Wrestling added to WWE Network

WWE has added 10 more episodes of Prime Time Wrestling to their vault on the WWE Network.

The date range for these shows are from July 31st to October 2, 1989, so you will get to see the build for Hulk Hogan’s feud with Zeus, the beginning of Randy Savage’s run as The Macho King, Barry Windham’s short run as The Widowmaker and more.

For now, this is your best bet to see matches from their syndicated programming as WWE has yet to upload episodes from Superstars of Wrestling or Wrestling Challenge from that era.

The Superstars of Wrestling shows from before 1992 have yet to be uploaded because of the time that has to be put in to edit those shows to replace “WWF Superstars of Wrestling” with “WWF Superstars” since the company does not own the “Superstars of Wrestling” trademarks.

Hopefully, WWE can get all of that sorted soon because the syndicated shows were the backbone of the company to get over key storylines and to drive fans to order pay-per-views and tickets to the live events.

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