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More footage from the Jim Cornette/Santino Marella confrontation

As we noted on Saturday, Santino Marella confronted Jim Cornette at the XICW Cobo Legends Convention in Detroit. The heat between them dates back to their days in Ohio Valley Wrestling (it was WWE's developmental territory) from over a decade ago when Cornette slapped Marella after he was seen laughing in the background during a segment with The Boogeyman that was designed to get him over as a scary character. Cornette was immediately fired by WWE after the incident in 2005.

Shaun Sisk, the person who posted the original video on Saturday, posted a second video of security talking with Cornette after the confrontation.

Cornette, as you can see below, was clearly angry as he explained that he didn't want anything to do with Marella. It appears that security told both men to leave the area and you can hear fans expressing their anger because they paid to meet Cornette. Cornette later went on Twitter and apologized to the fans that did not get a chance to meet him.

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One eyewitness told us that both men shook hands when they first saw each other but then Marella said something to Cornette and things escalated from there. Click here to see the original video of the confrontation.

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