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Hulk Hogan jailhouse comments with son Nick surface online

Bay News 9 has released several more quotes from Hulk Hogan during a jailhouse conversation in 2008 with son Nick Hogan. Hogan mentioned that Nick was his “n—a,” and thought that term means the he’s his “best friend.”

Nick was serving an eight month jail sentence after a crash left his friend, John Graziano, permanently disabled.

Check it out the transcript from the conversation below:

Hulk: “You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here n—a.”

Nick: “Yeah, nibb-ah.”

Hulk: “N—a, n—a, that means, that means you (are) my best friend.”

Hulk: “You know that God gave you this vibe and this, this, energy that you and I are going to live forever, bro. I just hope we don’t come back as a couple, I don’t want to say it, blizz-ack gizz-uys, you know what I’m saying?”

Nick: “Brutal” [Nick and Hulk laugh]

Nick: “It’s down in St. Pete and it’s mixed-race and we get along with everybody, so that’s fine.”

Hulk: “Your mom went there and said it was mainly blizz, you know what I’m sizz-aying?”

Nick: “Mm-hm.”

Hulk: “And that some of the ladies there that, you know, run the school are nice blizz lizz-adies, you know?”

Nick: “Mm-hm…. I would go down there, I would make friends with all those kids down there. I guarantee it. Because you know how all the blizz pizz love us.”

Nick Hogan was in jail at the time for his car accident that led to his best friend being paralyzed and suffered devasting brain injuries.


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