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More news on big changes coming to WWE NXT to counter AEW Dynamite

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

As noted last week, there have been talks to have NXT go on the road in 2020. People in WWE realize that an upgrade is needed because the show looks minor league compared to AEW Dynamite.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the talk going around is that they will continue running NXT TV at Full Sail University but it won't be every week. It looks like they will never completely leave Full Sail because it's more cost-effective to run shows there.

The reason why they are not currently running in bigger buildings right now is that the move to the USA Network was something that was rushed because they wanted to get the show on the air to counter AEW so there was no time to get arenas booked.

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WWE has reached out to arenas about doing NXT TV starting in January so it looks like we'll get a different looking show around that time.

I spoke with people in NXT and they feel that they have a better in-ring product than AEW but they concede that AEW's show feels more "big time" but people in WWE expect a big upgrade for NXT in January.

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