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More news on what Ryback wanted from WWE and why Vince McMahon turned him down



As noted a few days ago, Ryback is likely done with the company and it'll probably just be a case of WWE just letting his contract expire rather than releasing him. There were people aware about Ryback being on the outs with the company on the day before Payback but they went ahead with the Ryback vs. Kalisto match since it was already advertised.

Despite Ryback's claim that this was not about money, he and WWE were pretty far apart on money during renewal talks and there were other things that he wanted that Vince McMahon was not going to bend on. Ryback had talked publicly several months ago about wanting a tour bus on the road and he wanted road expenses paid. That doesn't sound illogical considering that athletes are on the road much less than WWE performers and they get many perks that wrestlers don't. In WWE, wrestlers pay for their hotel and rental car (with some exceptions like WrestleMania week).

Ryback also wanted his contract guaranteed so that if he got released then he would still be paid for the remainder of the contract. If that sounds familiar, then it might be because some wrestlers in WCW had that written into their contract but it's not something Vince McMahon would do.

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Cameron, who was originally not on the list of names to be released, was released after she tweeted support to Ryback.

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