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More news on why John Cena is on the WWE 2K15 cover

Here are some notes on John Cena being on the cover of WWE 2K15. The general rule is that they want to make the person on the cover someone who was planned to win the WWE title. The Miz (2011), Randy Orton (2012), and CM Punk (2013) were all champions or pegged to be champions when their covers were revealed. With The Rock in 2014 it was a different case since they would put him on any time and he agreed to do the promotion for the game and in 2013 there was a feeling that WrestleMania could have been his last match.

The feeling this year is that since they will be on four platforms, instead of just two, that it will be a big opportunity for increased numbers. Since The Rock was not available it's imperative for them to use the biggest name they have so they went with Cena. Also the idea is that people who hate Cena will still buy the game. The plan for Cena was not for him to win the title this soon but it was definitely in the plans at some point and his 15th title reign coninciding with WWE 2K15 is not a coincidence. The decision for Cena to be on the cover was made before Bryan was put in the title match at WrestleMania.

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