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More on Alberto Del Rio fight, arrest, and police station fight with his brother

Dave Meltzer has more details on the recent arrest of Alberto Del Rio and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras (Guillermo Rodriguez). As noted on Monday, the brothers were in Leoben, Austria on Friday night/early Saturday morning and the brothers got into a fight with a man at a party. The man was hospitalized and police were called.

Alberto and Guillermo were taken to the police station and that’s when the brothers got into a fight with each other. Local police say that Guillermo was taken to the hospital after being knocked out by Alberto. Alberto was then put in zip ties, which he was able to break out of until they shackled his feet.

The press officer confirmed that two Mexican citizens age 30 and 39 (they were not mentioned by name) were involved and the man beat up was treated at a local hospital with injuries, bruises and contusions. Alberto’s brother was said to be slightly injured and he received outpatient treatment. It was also confirmed that there was damage done to a wooden desk, wooden chair and some plastic filings were damaged and walls of the police room were stained by splattered blood but the story that made the rounds in the Austrian tabloids were said to be greatly exaggerated.

There were charges filed for assault and damage to property and the Alberto and Guillermo were allowed to leave the country. The charges were forwarded to authorities in both men’s place of residence.

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