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More on Brock Lesnar/Vince McMahon “heated” argument, Lesnar’s status for WrestleMania

The big story last night, as it pertains to professional wrestling, was Brock Lesnar showing up at last night’s UFC 184 and sitting cageside with Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White. The timing is very interesting considering what happened backstage at Monday Night Raw between Brock and Vince McMahon. Dave Meltzer was able to get more details on what happened between Brock and Vince and talked about everything on this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio.

There are still no new details on what exactly Brock and Vince were arguing about other than that the issue, as has been reported already, is about the terms in Brock’s new contract offer from WWE. The argument Brock and Vince had was apparently a very heated and loud discussion. Vince and Brock were yelling and screaming at each other and it got so bad that there were people there that were very concerned especially for Vince. People that heard the argument said that it sounded really bad.

Brock is friends with Tony Ferguson so he was there to see him at last night’s UFC show but it’s pretty obvious that he was also there to be seen. Lesnar was Ferguson’s coach on The Ultimate Fighter in 2011. You can never know for sure what Brock’s next move is but everyone in UFC is far more confident about Brock returning there than they were just two weeks ago. At the end of the day he is a businessman and he will play the game to get the best offer. His appearance at last night’s UFC show may have helped his leverage with WWE or it may not even matter at this point given how things went down on Monday night with him and Vince. Meltzer says that Brock not appearing on last Monday’s Raw is significant.

No one knows what Brock’s issue is with the new offer from WWE but it’s worth noting that there have a lot of people that have gotten WWE offers of late and there have been weird stipulations being put in WWE contracts such as extended non-competes or verbal agreements being made and then the written contract being completely different.

It will be interesting to see what happens a week from tomorrow (3/9) because that is the next date when Brock is scheduled to be at Raw. At the Tuesday Smackdown tapings the writers asked Vince if they needed to write an alternate WrestleMania script without Brock. Vince replied with a firm “no” and said “we will sue him if he’s not there.” If Brock does not fulfill the rest of his contracted dates then Brock would be in breach of his current contract unless there are extenuating circumstances. So the WWE side is very strong in their belief that Brock will fulfill the rest of his television dates and WrestleMania. This may help Roman Reigns’ crowd reaction at WrestleMania since the last time Brock left the company at WrestleMania 20, he and Goldberg were both booed because the crowd knew that they were leaving the company.

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