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More on CM Punk’s return, WWE Backstage crew did not know he would appear

As you could tell by watching the reactions of everyone on the set, the only person who knew about CM Punk’s return was Renee Young. She had been complimentary towards Punk after he auditioned for the show a few months ago. The feeling was that telling on the set would allow for the chance for the news of Punk’s return to leak ahead of time.

As noted earlier, Punk has not signed anything with WWE. There have been no talks between WWE and Punk but they did give their blessing for his role on Backstage. This role may open the door for talks for a WWE in-ring return, at least on a part-time basis or one special match. Perhaps, this can open the door for AJ Lee to work with WWE again in some capacity.

The @WWEonFOX Twitter account confirmed that Punk will not be appearing on the show every week. It will be interesting to hear Punk’s take on the WWE product.

Although Punk had been in talks with Fox for several weeks, the deal was only signed a few days ago. I’m told that there was a feeling among the people at Fox that they needed to get the deal done with Punk because of last week’s rating. Last week’s show was watched by 49,000 viewers, a scary low number.

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