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More on Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania; One last match for Hulk Hogan?

As noted last week, the whole deal with Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler going back and forth on twitter is for the setup for their match at WrestleMania. As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan asked for the match with Ziggler and the stuff on twitter was approved by the company. Bryan vs. Ziggler is not considered one of the top matches for the show.

Dave Meltzer noted on last night’s Live Audio Wrestling show that as of now they will be the sixth match down from the card. There were 8 matches last year on the main card so that should give you an idea where Bryan is on their priority list for this year.

It’s interesting to note that Hulk Hogan has been pushing for a match and they teased some tension between Hogan and Big Show at the Raw Reunion show. Meltzer noted that Hogan was moving better at the last TV but that doesn’t mean doctors will approve him so we’ll have to see what happens. Hogan has been claiming lately that all of his back issues have been fixed and he feels great. By the way, Hogan and Big Show are good friends and both live near each other in Tampa.

One thing they could do, if they wanted to make sure Hogan is not in the ring for too long at WrestleMania, is do a tag match with Rusev and Big Show against John Cena and Hogan. If they are doing that match then it makes more sense now why they would do Cena and Rusev at Fast Lane.

Hogan told the Cincinnati Enquirer last month, “I’m not angling for anything. I’m just angling to have my last match with this company. My last match that I had was not with this company, and I started with this company, and it just seems only fitting that, whatever it is, this is where I should have my final match, and I haven’t have it yet. I’m training like I’m gonna get a shot at the world title next week, so I’m in great shape. I’m back down under 300 pounds, down to 295, training every day at the gym. I’m ready for the call of duty if they need me.”

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