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More on John Cena taking time off, Blue Pants getting heat in NXT?

As first noted in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, John Cena is expected to take time off after Hell in a Cell. He is not advertised for any shows until December. Of course, if things change then Cena could always get more time off past December. If I was WWE management, I'd just hold him off until the Royal Rumble.

Also, as first noted several weeks ago in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Blue Pants (Leva Bates) has some heat with people at NXT because she is not under a deal and gets a good push when she is used. In addition to that, she is still able to work independent dates so the feeling is that she is probably making good money (perhaps more money than a NXT regular) because of her NXT TV exposure. The heat on her is not her fault because she is just taking advantage of the opportunity given to her but that is the nature of the wrestling business. Regarding reports that she would not be used anytime soon, the word in WWE is that she is brought in as needed so there is not a specific directive on her and nothing has changed. She does not have heat with WWE management so she could be brought back at any time.

Bates has since tweeted out the following:

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