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More on John Cena taking time off from WWE

As noted last week, John Cena is taking time after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. There is no word on what that means for Cena's United States title. If Cena is gone for 6 weeks then perhaps they can keep the title on him since 6 weeks is not a long time.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter noted that Cena is not taking time off due to injury and he asked for the time off months ago but, due to communication issues, he was still on advertising for a bunch of shows until this past week. Cena is not scheduled to be on the Raw after Hell in a Cell on 10/16 in San Diego and he's not advertised for anything until December. That doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be back by December because WWE could always take him off ads if he needs more time off.

I don't know if this is the reason for taking time off but John's brother Sean Cena has been battling brain cancer. In 2013, John Cena talked about his brother in an interview with The Huffington Post. Cena said, "I had a personal run-in with cancer. My youngest brother, Sean, had an inoperable brain tumor. He's the last of five boys, so he's the most reserved out of all of us. I saw what he went through though, and the treatment he had to rely upon. I saw him going through being a boy to becoming a man. What he went through keeps us so motivated. Around the family, we call him our 'silent champion,'"

Hopefully this is not the reason for the time off and hopefully his brother is doing well.

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