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More on Monday's talent meeting, former TNA Knockout speaks on Bill DeMott

As noted yesterday, there was an all-talent meeting held at 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. The talents were told that if they have any problems, personal or professional, that they could come and talk to the company about it. They told the talents to seek help and not to keep things to themselves and not to wait for help.

Bill DeMott's name was not mentioned but the talents figured out quickly that this was a reaction to the Bill DeMott situation. There were talents that spoke up at the time of the incidents with DeMott back in 2013 but others didn't because of fear of losing their jobs with the company. The talents that spoke up to management were released weeks or a few months later.

In some cases there may have been exaggerations to some of the stories and bitterness was probably involved but I think there was no choice to have DeMott removed as head trainer because so many of the stories being told were consistent and there were current talents that are on the main roster that have said things in private but would not talk because of fear of losing their spots.

Former developmental talent Trenesha Biggers wrote about her dealings with DeMott. You can read about it here. Biggers would go on to work for for TNA Wrestling in 2008 and 2009.

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