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More on Neville’s WWE departure

Everyone was rather shocked to hear Neville walked out before Raw went on the air. Plans needed to be changed and rumors were Neville was done with the company.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports some sources tell him Neville is 100% gone from the company while WWE is apparently still officially denying those claims.

Meltzer opened up about the situation and revealed all he knew about it so far on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“He’s disappeared” Meltzer stated, “Yeah, so he got to TV on Monday and he was told the main event was him losing to Enzo and then he left TV.  I guess he’s done but that’s still up in the air. Technically he’s still under contract, I don’t know how all this will be handled but I think he’s kinda in that same position CM Punk was in when it was like he’s gone but he was still with [WWE] at the same time.”

“So there’s all sorts of stuff that needs to be worked out before anyone can really say anything. I don’t know what his mentality or motivations were and why he walked out — that I can’t answer.”

“There may be more to it than that, you don’t know if something was promised to him. You know, there’s still — you know? It could be that he was tired of something or another? Until you hear more from him or people close to him and I haven’t [This] is all we well know. I presume… I don’t know doing a job for Enzo would make someone wanna quit on its own, perhaps there are more reasons to it. Maybe he just wanted to leave and that was a reason to leave.”

He went on to say how nobody will really know all the details until Neville speaks up about the situation. But in the end, he might never reveal his reasons because sometimes people don’t discuss their real problems with the company due to a number of different reasons. But one thing’s for sure, fans never thought they’d be losing the King Of The Cruiserweight so soon if he has, in fact, left WWE for good.

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