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The Wrestling Observer noted yesterday that the decision to bring in Sting was a last minute decision. There are people in WWE that believe Randy Orton was supposed to interfere in the main event but plans were changed to include Sting instead. I don’t know this for sure, but if they still want to go through with Sting vs. The Undertaker then perhaps WWE could do Sting vs. Triple H at the Royal Rumble. As noted earlier, the belief is that The Rock won’t be able to do WrestleMania 31 because of his movie schedule so right now there are no plans for him at the show and Triple H vs. Sting was the backup plan. I guess they could hold off The Undertaker vs. Sting for Dallas in 2016 and have that be the retirement match for both men. We shall see.

There were fans that said they spotted Sting leaving St. Louis last night to head back home to Dallas. He no longer resides in California. Sting made appearances for 2K Sports this past week and they were not aware that Sting was going to be appearing at Survivor Series. In fact, Sting was not aware until the end of last week.

WWE is expecting a big rating tonight and a big rush of subscribers today from fans wanting to take advantage of the free WWE Network deal to see the on demand replay of Sting’s debut.


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