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More on the backstage fight between Simon Gotch and Sin Cara

Simon Gotch is back on the road with the company and he was backstage at the recent Battleground show and the live Smackdown. Gotch was off the weekend house shows after the fight with Sin Cara prior to last week’s Draft edition of Smackdown.

Basically, the word is that Sin Cara flipped out on Gotch and threw an unopened soda at his face and Gotch went down hard. Another source said that it was a punch. During the Dean Ambrose celebration at the end of Battleground, you could see that he had a black eye so that is probably why he was taken off the road for a couple of days. Sin Cara did work on the weekend house shows and the company has not said anything publicly about disciplinary action for either guy.

Gotch is said to have heat with some wrestlers (a few say a lot of heat). According to WWE sources, one of the things that has gotten him in hot water is his mouth. There could be other reasons but no one has confirmed anything else. Allegedly, Sin Cara and Gotch have had problems in the past.

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