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More on the success of the WWE Network in Canada

As noted earlier, the TV version of the WWE Network launch in Canada has exceeded expecations even with less on demand content. The TV version has only about 40 hours of on demand content compared to the streaming version. The other thing that is notable is that in Canada a lot of movie theaters air WWE pay-per-views for $18 each and the picture and sound are better in the theater but one ticket for $18 vs. the whole family watching at home for $12.99 looks better and will probably make it tougher on movie theater business as they continue to rollout nationally in Canada.

Cineplex has broadcasted all WWE pay-per-view for years but they just dropped every show for the rest of the year in Canada except for Survivor Series. That would hurt in most provinces that are not getting the network but they can still order it as a pay-per-view until Rogers makes deals with other cable providers to broadcast as a network. They are working hard on closing those deals.

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