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More on why John Cena may never turn heel

Earlier this week there was a video (it’s since been deleted) of John Cena saying that he would be open to a heel turn but it will never ever happen. The big thing with Cena is that he brings in so much merchandise revenue for WWE so it would be foolish for WWE to give that money up with a heel turn. Cena’s merchandise was recently (and may still be) out selling the rest of the roster combined. Kids ticket sales make up a large percentage and the shows with Cena did more than $60,000 above the non-Cena shows in ticket sales. Shows without Cena are doing well below usual levels .

There’s always a chance Cena would get hot as a heel but historically that has not been the case. One of the big examples would be Steve Austin in 2001. Attendance and merchandise dropped when he turned heel. Hulk Hogan’s merchandise increased when he went heel but Hogan was flat as a babyface and sales were down before he turned and you can credit a lot of Hogan’s success as a heel to the whole NWO concept.

Another thing to consider is that organizations like Make-A-Wish who rely on Cena as a spokesperson would be upset.

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