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More on why WWE released Joey Styles



Last week we had speculated that Joey Style's firing from WWE was because of what he said during a Facebook Live Q&A with Cathy Kelley. It is now confirmed (in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter) that his comments absolutely got him fired. It came across that he didn't care what higher ups in the company thought about his comments and that is not something that is encouraged in WWE.

During the interview, Styles said that he was not a fan of the Universal Championship, that the web team at is underappreciated, and he talked about Roman Reigns' push. He didn't really say anything too bad but the company frowns upon talking about things that border on being too inside.

One person in WWE said, "the fact that Cathy (Kelley) knew what not to say and Joey didn’t boggled my mind." Styles even joked that some of the things that he was saying in the Q&A would get him fired and that's exactly what happened. The interview has been pulled from WWE's social media pages.

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A message was definitely sent to everyone in the company about what not to say in public. Styles is taking bookings for appearances only at

If you missed it, click here to see the Joey Styles Q&A.

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