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More on WWE's title plans for Roman Reigns



WWE's long-term goal is still to have Roman Reigns as their champion but, as noted earlier this week, the plan to put the championship on Sheamus was something that was decided on just a couple of hours before the Survivor Series event went on the air.

Vince McMahon feels that people see Reigns as the corporate pick to be the champion and that is why he is being booed at shows by fans. The plan right now is to have Reigns get screwed by The Authority and that will cause fans to get behind him and want him to win the title.

On Monday's Raw in Nashville, it looked like Reigns was cheered more than anyone on the show so that is good news for him and WWE but the bad news is that Raw was the lowest rated show since 1997.

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WWE is heavily pushing the "Roman Empire" slogan so expect to see a lot more merchandise with that on it.

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