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More proof of possible legit heat between two WWE Superstars

Charlotte Flair recently tweeted the following to Alexa Bliss: “I’ve fought, defended, and represented women’s wrestling with some of the best athletes this industry has ever seen. Little girls play dress up, women don’t need to. #SurvivorSeries #THEchamp.”

They were fighting words and a way to give the feud a little steam as they try for a short build toward Survivor Series. But one WWE Superstar totally broke kayfabe to side with the opposition.

In a simple, yet bold response to a statement that had nothing to do with her, Sasha Banks tweeted out three “applause” emojis. It is very interesting and could add more speculation to the idea there is some legit heat between The Boss and Little Miss Bliss. It is at least interesting, to say the least, that Banks would side with the Blue Team on this one.

When one fan called her out by saying: “lol well so much for Team Raw,” Sasha Banks made another rather bold, yet suitable statement. After all, she is The Boss and has never been shy about saying or doing just about anything she wants.  Why should Survivor Series be any different?

If WWE is planning on getting their Horsewomen back together then Charlotte will have to make a jump over to Raw or some kind of story loophole for them all to band together against Ronda Rousey’s girls. So it’s good to see Banks and Flair are still on the same page. The Road To WrestleMania is gonna be fun.

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