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Jamie Foxx mentioned in latest round of leaked racist comments by Hulk Hogan

Radar Online and The National Enquirer have released more quotes from the Hulk Hogan sex tape, which reveals Hogan staying racist comments against African Americans.

The story includes more quotes from the leaked 2006 sex tape where Hogan is heard talking about a “billionaire black guy” who funded Brooke Hogan’s music career and had secretly recruited Foxx to appear on one of her tracks.

“Fucking n*gger… he had Jamie Foxx coming in on the 22nd track,” Hogan is allegeded to have said.

“I didn’t even tell Brooke about it. F*ck her. Brooke and (name withheld by Radar and The ENQUIRER) met in Miami.

“Brooke f*cks up a ten million dollar deal I had with the Saudis. Brooke says, ‘F*ck you dad.’ She’s never said that. She flipped a bird at me.”

It cannot be determined if Hogan is referring to Foxx as a “n*gger” or if he is talking about the “black billionaire guy.”

Hogan goes on to say, “I have this huge f*cking house in Miami. My family never comes home. They went to LA. F*ck ’em.”

You can read the RadarOnline story by clicking here.


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