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More talk regarding Hulk Hogan returning to WWE

It sure does look like Hulkamania is on the way back to WWE.

Earlier this week, we noted that Hulk Hogan told fans at an autograph signing that he has had talks with Vince McMahon regarding his return to WWE. The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported this week that there is “lots of talk once again” about a Hogan return.

Hogan’s ambassador deal with WWE was terminated in 2015 after word got out that there were racist comments made on a sex tape. A day prior, WWE removed all references to Hogan from their website and he was also pulled from his gig on the Tough Enough revival. There has never been a question on if he would return. It’s always been about timing and Triple H stated in a 2015 radio interview that the door is open for Hogan to return but it will take some time. The problem is that is if he is brought in as an ambassador then WWE would want him to talk about the company and not have to field questions about his Gawker case or have to address the racist comments from his sex tape.

Dave Meltzer referenced the WWE Kids Magazine with the Hulk Hogan poster that we talked about earlier this week. You can see the images by clicking here. That seems to be another sign that Hogan is on his way back or at least on better terms with the company. Other than the comment at the autograph signing, Hogan has remained silent about WWE on social media.

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