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More TNA content headed to the WWE Network this week

Impact Wrestling/WWE

Impact Wrestling/WWE

Fans of old school TNA Wrestling will be happy to know that more content is headed to the WWE Network in some form.

According to the official "Something To Wrestle With" Twitter account, the next "Something Else To Wrestle With" will cover AJ Styles' run in TNA from 2010-2013. This follows the recent TNA content that has been featured on the network in a deal that also includes a mention of the Global Wrestling Network app.

Impact Wrestling content is shown on the latest WWE 24 special on The Hardy Boyz. It's a smart move by Impact that will hopefully, get more eyeballs on their product.

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Between TNA/Impact on the network and mentions of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks on WWE's social media accounts and main website, 2018 has turned out to be a surreal year. Things will continue to evolve like this as other promotions continue to grow.