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Most of the people on Stephanie McMahon's staff has been released



Along with the 18 wrestlers who were let go, it was also noted last week that there were several office cuts made. One of the most shocking names let go was Stan Stanski, who had been with the company for 15 years. Kristina Salen, the company's Chief Financial Officer, left the company one day after speaking on the investor call and she was replaced by Frank Riddick III as both the CFO and Chief Administrative Officer.

It was noted by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that most of Stephanie McMahon's staff in branding was also let go and among the names let go was Laura Petrocelli, who was said to be universally respected and is the wife of longtime writer Ed Koskey.

Meltzer said that the belief in the company is that the Branding department will merge into the Marketing department, which would explain why WWE has been pushing to promote Stephanie as the point person in marketing rather than as the Chief Branding Officer.

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