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Multiple ideas have been pitched to remove Money In The Bank contract from Otis



It appears that Otis may not be holding onto the Money In The Bank contract for much longer if the WWE creative team can do anything about it.

WrestleVotes sent out a report today stating that there have been multiple ideas to get the briefcase off of the SmackDown star in order to put the main focus back on the Money In The Bank storyline.

However, the main reason that the change hasn’t been made is due to Vince McMahon being a big fan of Otis. Thus, for now, a change isn’t planned.

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It was also noted that some of the ideas pitched were said to be decent. Here’s the report:

“There have been multiple pitched ideas to remove the MITB briefcase from Otis & make the storyline a main focus again, some of which are really decent ideas I’ve been told. However, and this is a big however, Otis’ biggest fan is Vince. So right now, no go.”

For the last month or so, WWE has booked The Miz and John Morrison trying to steal Otis’ contract. They even did a storyline where Mandy Rose was sent to Raw because of the tag team.

WWE has already confirmed that Friday’s episode of SmackDown is set to feature a courtroom segment with Otis, who will be representing himself against the recent lawsuit brought against him by Miz and Morrison.