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Music composer John Kiernan shares details behind Mercedes Martinez’s entrance theme song



Thanks to the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast for sending us the following:

PRESS RELEASE - Music composer John Kiernan shares details behind Mercedes Martinez wrestling entrance theme

In a recent interview with Frank Mandolini of the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast, musician and composer John Kiernan, who has recently penned many wrestling entrances for wrestlers and promotions such as AEW’s Tony Nese, Ring Of Honor, United Wrestling Network and many others, shared some light on the creative process behind the entrance of Impact wrestling’s Mercedes Martinez (also former WWE, NXT with an appearance in AEW).

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“I’m able to find bits of inspiration: what makes reggaeton, reggaeton? But also what makes Mercedes Martinez, Mercedes Martinez?” Kiernan said about her theme, adding that “She loved the theme she used in the Mae Young Classic, so this was a new evolved version. What made that song pop? What were the musical elements? That one was more digital, and I went to the Spanish road with a descending progression. A lot of the music you associate with it has the same descending chord progression [...] and my approach was to reflect Mercedes Martinez [and her heritage] with the music.”

During the interview, Kiernan talked about his relationship with AEW music mastermind Mikey Rukus as well as the work he has done for the Jacksonville based federation, as well as being the official composer for David Marquez’s United Wrestling Network and many more independent wrestlers.

The full John Kiernan interview with the Frank Mandolini’s Last Minute Wrestling Podcast is available on YouTube and on every listening platform, as well as the LMW podcast’s official website