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MVP gives an update on his knee injury, shares next steps to a full return



During his appearance on this week's "Wrestling With Freddie," MVP gave us an update on his knee injury.

"So now it's just a matter of me jumping through their hoops to make sure that I'm physically capable of performing in the ring," MVP said.

"I'm feeling good now. The knee injury, the torn meniscus is completely healed. Now it's just a matter of rebuilding to strengthen the leg from the atrophied muscle."

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He continued, "My ‘teardrop’ is gone. It’s non-existent, so we're working on building that back up. My cardio was much better than I thought it would be because I actually hired a trainer and I've been working on it."

"So I'm further along than I thought I would be. I feel pretty damn good."

Other topics covered throughout the episode include his relationship with Bobby Lashley, the creation of The Hurt Business, and his thoughts on this year’s WrestleMania.

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