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MVP recalls Shane McMahon pitching Raw Underground concept to WWE roster



MVP did an interview with Newsweek where he spoke about a wide range of topics.

During the interview, he was asked about the Raw Underground concept that was introduced last week on Raw. Going forward just like last week, the segments will take place during the third hour of the broadcast.

It was Shane McMahon who came up with the idea and pitched it to his father, Vince McMahon, as a way to boost viewership. It’s in a warehouse with a ring with no ropes or posts where two competitors have a fight. It has elements of an MMA bout.

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According to MVP, he likes the idea and thinks those who were critical of it at first, will have to adjust.

“It was a shock for us, too. Shane McMahon explained to us the concept of what they wanted to do and I thought, "Wow, that's pretty cool," and you know, we're all competitive athletes in combat sports so it was like, Yeah, OK, that's right up our alley. Creatively it was just go in there and beat people up and that's what we do. We did and it worked out wonderfully and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. Overall, the reaction to RAW Underground has been favorable and, of course, the Hurt Business going in there and wrecking shop, that's also been pretty favorable. I'm stoked.

I'm excited to see what happens with RAW Underground going forward because it's just a different sight with a different flavor, different vibe and it seems pretty cool. I think people who weren't initially sold on it, I think anything that is new sometimes takes a little getting used to. I liked it right away.”

MVP will challenge Apollo Crews for the United States Title at SummerSlam. The pro wrestling veteran also talked about The Hurt Business, facing Crews, and more. Check out the full interview here.