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MVP talks criticism from wrestling fans and their booking assumptions



MVP calls it as he sees it and when it comes to fans, he’s active on social media in responding to their takes.

He did so yet again on Twitter where he called out fans for criticizing the WWE product and complaining about it.

His first tweet read, “2 things today's wrestling fans LOVE: Assumptions about what or who is coming next based on their fantasy booking. Criticizing whatever wrestling show they're watching based on their fantasy booking.”

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A fan pointed out how MVP thinks fans will like repetitive rematches and garbage booking. MVP responded with, “well, people like you and you are the same garbage every week. So,”

MVP also retweeted the following comments by fans:

MVP will be in the corner of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley when he defends the title against Kofi Kingston at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event next month.