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Nancy Benoit’s sister goes into details on events leading up to Chris Benoit murder-suicide

Sandra Toffoloni, sister of Nancy Benoit, opens up on this week’s Talk Is Jericho podcast on Nancy and Chris Benoit, details about the crime scene that were never revealed to the press and much more. For those wondering, Sandra reached out to Chris (via Paul Heyman) to set up the interview several months ago. Sandra noted that Heyman was good friends with Nancy and Paul has been a good shoulder for her to lean on since the death of her sister, Chris and Daniel.

Sandra talks about the good times she had with her sister, Chris and nephew Daniel. She talked about Nancy getting into the wrestling business when she was 15 years old and eventually marrying Kevin Sullivan. She also went into details on the infamous storyline between Chris and Kevin that ended up mirroring real life because Nancy would end up leaving Kevin for Chris in real life.

Sandra said that she started seeing changes in Chris around the time he won the World Championship at WrestleMania XX and she feels that his the pressure of being a celebrity was affecting him because his popularity was at an all time high. She said that around this time Chris would become paranoid and he’d take alternate routes home, possibly because he was scared of someone finding out where he lived and then taking his wife or son hostage.

She didn’t discount the possibility that concussions played a role in what Chris did but she also said that the deaths of his friends like Eddie Guerrero, Johnny Grunge and Ray Traylor took their toll on him and he always seemed to be grieving. Grunge was one of Benoit’s closest friends and next door neighbor. She also noted that Chris and Nancy were self medicating around this time so that all probably played a part in what happened.

Sandra said that Chris worried about what was next for him when his wrestling career was over but Nancy was already planning for life after wrestling and there were plans for a Chris Benoit wrestling academy in Atlanta.

Sandra said that there were issues between Chris and Nancy towards the end and she even got a restraining order at one point but they worked things out. She also noted that the murders happened over the span of a couple of days. According to the autopsy report, Chris killed Nancy on a Friday and then he killed Daniel on Saturday morning. Chris then killed himself on Sunday night which is the night he was supposed to wrestle on a WWE pay-per-view. She also debunked some theories going around about the possibility of there being a second killer involved. She emphasized that Chris brutalized Nancy. Sandra also noted that Chris did a Google search on the easiest way to break someone’s neck. He basically rigged his lat pulldown machine so that he could kill himself. Another thing that was reported in the media was about Daniel having Fragile X syndrome. Sandra said that was not the case at all and Daniel was a healthy boy.

In regards to the reports that were out in the media about Chris’ brain being like a brain of an 80 year old with alzheimers, she said that she is sure that he took some brain damage from his years in the ring but he functioned fine and he was able to get around with no issues and could get in and out of an airport within minutes so he was not showing the signs of alzheimers.

It’s a very fascinating interview and I highly recommend for everyone to listen to this podcast. The interview was conducted in January but Chris held off on airing it until this week. This week is the 9th anniversary of the murders.

You can listen to the podcast below.


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