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Naomi calls out a fan for racist comments

Naomi is one of the most beloved WWE Superstars on the roster. She started out as a contestant on the original game show version of NXT and she’s worked hard to get better in the ring.

By all accounts, she is great with everyone backstage and she takes time to talk with fans before and after shows and she is super friendly during autograph appearances.

Unfortunately, every fanbase has a few bad apples and some idiot on Twitter thought that it was a good idea to send racist messages to her on Twitter. I won’t repeat what was said here but you can see it in below in the screenshots posted by Naomi.

Naomi kept things classy in her response and she showed why she is a great role model for young fans. She wrote, “I deal with negativity and racism like this on a daily basis but I don’t allow it to bring me down I encourage others who are experiencing the same or any type of bullying to be strong stay positive & not let the actions of others change who you are ? #feeltheglow”

I checked the Twitter account of the “fan” and it appears that he has deleted his account.


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