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Naomi is no longer calling herself a WWE Superstar

Naomi is still under contract with WWE but she is no longer referring to herself as a WWE Superstar…at least not on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

At least as of today, it doesn’t look like things have cooled off between both sides. Last night on SmackDown, it was announced that Naomi and Sasha Banks are indefinitely suspended and new Women’s Tag Team Champions will be crowned soon via a tournament.

Banks and Naomi were reportedly in talks with the company about a contract renewal but those talks ended when both women walked out during Raw around the time when the company announced a 6-Pack Challenge main event. The match wasn’t announced until the show but WWE’s stance is that they promised a main event and could not deliver because of the walkout.

Things look icy between both sides right now but history shows that in these types of situations, time heals wounds and typically things get smoothed over. In 2002, Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out after being advertised to wrestle Brock Lesnar on an episode of Raw.

Vince McMahon made it clear on the show that he was unhappy with Austin walking out and he was essentially buried on commentary and shows that aired later that week. Austin returned to the company several months later after Jim Ross stepped in as a mediator to get both sides to work things out.

In this case, Banks and Naomi don’t have much time left on their contracts so, unless WWE puts a freeze on their current deals, they could be free agents in a few months.

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