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Naomi has shared her thoughts on comparisons between herself and NXT star Lash Legend.

On Tuesday’s episode of NXT, Legend and Wendy Choo cut promos on one another as they continue their feud. A fan on Twitter called Legend an ‘off-brand Naomi.’

Naomi replied to the fan by writing, “Absolutely NOT! Lash is in her own lane. I’m very proud of her and I look forward to her growth and success. Please stop comparing us black women for the wrong reasons. Respectfully.”

Naomi hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since she and Banks walked out in May. WWE suspended and stripped them of the Women’s Tag Team Titles. first reported that Banks and Naomi reached an agreement to return, now with Triple H running creative.

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In the meantime, Naomi and Banks have been focusing on other non-wrestling projects in recent weeks, including walking the runway during New York Fashion Week. Banks has also indicated that she’s focusing on a music project.

Naomi recently shared an advertisement post for the digital release of Thor: Love & Thunder.