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WATCH Naomi snatches Lana bald at WWE live show



You hear women throw around insults and threats all the time, especially in WWE while they talk about snatching their opponent bald. Well, that went down in a big way and Naomi was just as surprised as everyone else when she actually pulled it off...literally. Lana certainly didn't see this one coming unless it's the kind of spot they planned on because it certainly looked like Naomi had a handful of Ravishing hair on purpose.

WWE rolled into Aberdeen to bring the fight and the best show possible. But when they did fans had no idea exactly how real it would get.

After all, it really can't get much more real than yanking out another girl's hairpiece.

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Kudos to Naomi for pulling this off but both women really need accolades (no pun intended) for working through the spot without breaking character. It was a pretty unexpected moment, to say the least.

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