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Naomi throws more shade at WWE: “I don’t have another decade in me, especially not for BS”

If you follow Naomi on social media then you can probably figure out that she’s not too happy with her spot in WWE these days.

Her SmackDown Live match was cut just a few hours before the show went on the air. The match was supposed to be a number 1 contenders match to determine who would face Asuka for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. Naomi will not have a dedicated match at WrestleMania and she will be part of the Women’s Battle Royal, which may or may not end up on the Kickoff show.

Naomi threw some shade at WWE on Friday when they announced the battle royal and she is letting everyone know that she doesn’t have time for any more “BS.”

A fan on Twitter suggested for Naomi to be “humbly silent for the sake of her career. Naomi responded, “Boo I’ve been humbly silent for a decade I don’t have another decade in me especially not for bs.”

In another tweet, Naomi responded to a fan who said she was throwing a fit when there were no real plans for her at WrestleMania in the first place.

Naomi responded, “U right there was never plans for me however I was looking forward to what could have been for others & do my part for them to get there but I guess I should be happy I get to sit in catering not contribute not do what I love keep my mouth shut bc the truth may ruffle feathers.”

Here is another tweet from Naomi after another fan called her “entitled” for throwing shade at WWE after her match was canceled.

Naomi: “This isn’t about me this is about our division as a whole we all work to hard & have come to far to come THIS FAR! So go back to your cave bish this don’t concern you.”


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