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Natalya and Zack Ryder comment on accidental crotch grab while taking Raw “Under Siege”

While the SmackDown Live roster was ripping through the Raw locker room effectively putting them “under siege” a lot of people might have missed some other action going on right in front of their eyes.

But luckily others caught the whole thing and the pictures started flying around online and soon went viral.

These pictures would make it appear Natalya accidentally (or purposefully) grabbed Zack Ryder in his bathing suit area. It was a classic moment captured on film and while it could have been an accident, a lot of people had to wonder. If anything, the look on Ryder’s face was priceless.

Natalya recently put the rumors to rest and assured fans it was a total accident. She really had no other words except that it wasn’t intentional and she apologized to Zack Ryder. It was very funny regardless of if it was on purpose or not. But the SmackDown Women’s Champion wanted everyone to “settle their tea kettles” because there isn’t anything going on.

While it’s great to know Natalya isn’t stepping out on Tyson Kidd with Long Island Iced Z, it’s also great to know they can take this kind of incident in stride. Ryder replied back in a rather humorous way by simply posting an emoji encouraging people to look. Yeah. we know what we’re looking at.

It might have been a total fluke of an accident but it will certainly give us a new reason to watch WWE television closer from this point on. What I find noticeable about the picture is it would appear Xavier Woods saw something going down as well but he’s seen a lot in his day so it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal to him.

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