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Natalya comments on her look, Total Divas and the WWE Universe

WWE Diva and Total Divas star Natalya spoke with the The Vital recently to promote the season premiere of Total Divas on Tuesday night. Here are the highlights…

Why the Total Divas audience identifies with her so easily:

“Nobody wants to see somebody whose life is perfect. Nobody wants to be around somebody who’s a goody-two-shoes or never has had a problem in their life. I think for me, my secret has been being able to connect with people in general, not just on TV. My general rule of thumb with human connection is being myself and being relatable.”

Her look:

“I didn’t have a quintessential model look. My body is definitely more muscular. Sometimes it felt like I was the ugly duckling, and that’s when I started realizing that the best, most successful and the most confident Nattie is just Nattie being Nattie. When you’re happy from within, it just radiates and people can really connect with you. I’m certainly not perfect, but I really like being able to showcase that.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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