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Natalya on if she's mad at Lacey Evans for knocking her tooth out on WWE Raw, how she got her Nattie by Nature name



WWE Superstar Natalya is the guest this week on D-Von Dudley's "Table Talk" podcast. Natalya talks about Total Divas, the relationship between the Hart Foundation, losing a tooth, and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Natalya talked about losing her tooth this past Monday in a match on RAW: “This is the second time in a wrestling match that I lost a tooth. I lost my front teeth a few years ago upon some impact in the ring. I was in Las Vegas and had to get those fixed with an emergency dentist at midnight. This past week on Monday Night Raw, I got kicked in the mouth. People were asking me if I was mad at Lacey (Evans). The truth of the matter is no because it’s wrestling. It is not ballet. It’s hard as hell and when we get in there, it’s go time and the girls don’t play. I think sometimes the girls hit harder than the guys. Lacey is a big girl. She is a strong girl. She is a badass and she booted me in the tooth. It fractured my tooth and my tooth was gone. I got backstage and realized I lost a tooth.”

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Natalya said Dusty Rhodes gave her the Nattie by Nature name: “I got that moniker from Dusty Rhodes. When I was in developmental, Dusty Rhodes said, she is Nattie by Nature, but Naughty by Choice. I always loved that because only Dusty would come up with something that brilliant. I would always say, Nattie by Nature, Naughty by Choice. I thought that was a cool Twitter handle. When Joey Styles was in WWE, he helped me set up my Twitter account and he said I should use that.”

Natalya talked about the influence Total Divas has on inspiring females that want to become wrestlers: “Women who have never watched WWE before come to me and say I never watched a show (wrestling show), but I saw you on Total Divas and I brought my family to a live event and we love WWE now. Total Divas is such an incredible tool to bring people into it. It transcends women who have never watched wrestling before and all of a sudden they watched Total Divas and they tell me they want to get into wrestling because of me and Total Divas or my presence on the show or the Bella Twins.”

Natalya talked about the increase in YouTube subscribers WWE got since the pandemic started: “We still have found a way to do what we do and grow our company. Since the pandemic started in March, WWE has gotten almost 20 million new Youtube subscribers. People don’t realize that but I learned that last week which shows you WWE is so far ahead of the curve. We have been so focused on social media and being digital even before the pandemic so when this happened, we adapted.”

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