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NBC/USA Network has issues with SmackDown being so stacked, WWE had other plans for Becky Lynch at SummerSlam



Andrew Zarian from the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast noted today that there were plans for Becky Lynch to appear at SummerSlam even before WWE knew that Sasha Banks would not be on the show.

Zarian said that there were plans for Lynch to make an appearance but then plans changed and she was inserted into the SmackDown Women's Title picture in the match with Bianca Belair.

Zarian said, "I was told this was not gonna be the ending, obviously. She was gonna show up on this card. Becky Lynch was always gonna come out for this live crowd. That was not something that was last minute. The title change was the difference, that was something new. That was not planned...that was an adjustment, they made it and we'll see where it goes on Friday."

Zarian also noted that the folks at NBCUniversal took are not thrilled that the SmackDown roster is much more stacked than Raw.

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Zarian said, "There's a little bit of an issue with NBC and the USA guys and the fact that this SmackDown roster is really stacked now."

WWE will be able to correct this in a few weeks during the Draft so expect to see Raw get some more top talent soon.

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