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Neville talks about breaking his ankle earlier this year, plans for 2017, more

Neville recently spoke with The Sun about his recovery from an ankle injury earlier this year and more. For those who may not remember, Neville broke his ankle during a match with Chris Jericho on the March 14th episode of RAW. When asked about it, Neville said that it was a rough night in his career, to say the least as he hurt his ankle on a very basic, fundamental move; a baseball slide that he has done several times. He noted that his toe caught on the canvas and it pulled him back and broke his ankle in two places. When it happened, he was not aware of how severe it was. “I tried to continue, but I soon realized that I couldn’t even hold any weight on it.”

When asked about his recovery from the injury and his plans in 2017, he said that it was a bad time to get injured because Wrestlemania 32 was taking place right around the corner and he had big plans for himself at the event. Now, he is bouncing back from that injury but noted that it has been a slower process than he would have liked. “I feel in 2017 I want and deserve more. I want to achieve more, and I just need to get that momentum back, and I am confident I will get the opportunities I want, and I will then be able to take them.”

Neville also talked about performing on live TV and more. You can read the entire interview here.

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