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Neville was angry when he walked out before WWE Raw



There are still questions regarding Neville's future with WWE. As of this writing, we still don't know if he has been granted his release but there are more sources confirming that he was angry when he walked out before Raw. WWE has denied the story going around about him asking for his release.

Dave Meltzer regularly posts in the Wrestling Observer forum and has confirmed that Neville walked out. In a short post, Meltzer said, "He walked out, that is for sure. What happens next, that's not for sure." There should be more details forthcoming in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

As we noted on Tuesday, Neville was originally supposed to lose to Enzo Amore on Raw. Amore and Neville had been wrestling each other at live events before last week. Kalisto took Neville's place on Raw and was booked to win the Cruiserweight title but all signs point to Amore winning the title back at the TLC pay-per-view since the original plans were not for Kalisto to walk out of Raw as champion.

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On Wednesday's Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez also confirmed that Neville walked out on Raw. He was still included in the opening for 205 Live but we should not read too much into that. Either WWE did not have enough time to remove him or they are trying to talk him out of leaving the company. We should know more within the next 24-48 hours.

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