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Neville-WWE update and why you might not see him on the independent scene for a long time

The situation with Neville was discussed on Sean Waltman’s “X-Pac 1,2,360” podcast. Waltman said that he talked to him months ago and he was very frustrated with how things were going for him. Essentially, WWE allows you to make money and pay your bills but wrestling means so much more for someone like Neville and creatively he was not satisfied with how things were going. Some people handle things differently but these issues would drive someone like Neville crazy.

Waltman said that he feels that Neville should have just taken some time off and allowed for cooler heads to prevail and after some time away then he could ask for his release if he still wanted it.

If Neville would have asked for time off and then decided that he wanted a release, then things would have probably worked out better as far as the terms of his release. However, things are still up in the air right now and he cannot work anywhere until he is granted a full release by the company or until his contract runs out. There could be verbiage in the contract that allows WWE to extend it like they did with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio wanted out but they were legally able to add time to his deal to make up for the time he missed due to injury. Ultimately, many months later, a deal was worked out and he was granted his release.

Neville is not talking publicly (which is a smart move) and he is said to be happy about the decision to leave the company.

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