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New Day reveals original list of names for their group, WWE wanted Titus O’Neil to join them

The latest episode of The New Day’s podcast, The New Day: Feel The Power, was released on Monday and it’s quite interesting. 

Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods spoke on the podcast about the original list of names for their group before they made their debut as a group on WWE television as The New Day. 

You can see the full list, which most of the names the group poked fun at throughout the list: 

The Beat
The Tribe
Perfect Harmony
The Wonders
The Miracles
The Sensations
The Temptations
The Modern Marvels
Vibe And Vision
Harmony’s Three
The House Of Light
The Triumph
The Beacon
New City
The Cause
The Voice
The Regulators
The House Of Positive Energy (HOPE)
The House Of Purpose
The Prime
The Charge
The Reach
The Concept
The Achievers
The Sentinels
Born Again
Mason Of Salvation
The Congregation
The Advent
The Trinity
The Almighty
Modern Day Saints
The Sainthood
The A-Men
Brothers Of Xavier
Saving Our Souls (SOS)
Million Man Ministry

Kingston mentioned that he pitched the following names for the group: By Any Means Necessary, The New Way, and The New Day.

Kingston thought the name of The New Day was a good name because that was the title of their theme song. 

Around the 14:32 minute mark, it was brought up how someone tried to force Titus O’Neil on the group and at one point, he was supposed to be part of the group. They noted how they like Titus but didn’t want him in the group. 

You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking on the player below:

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