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New Days’ Band gives some New Orleans love, Kofi Kingston responds

When The New Day roll into New Orleans they know how to do it in style. The longest running WWE Tag Team Champions didn’t come to the ring alone when they kicked off SmackDown Live this week. They had some company in the form of The Soul Rebels.

WrestleMania is coming back to New Orleans for the 34th installment of the Show Of Shows. It will hopefully be an extraordinary event and might even top last year’s Mania in Orlando. (On a side note, if you’d like to read all about the Road To WrestleMania 33 and everything surrounding the buildup to the big show you should check out my book, it’s super inexpensive!)

The New Day obviously wanted to bring as much of the New Orleans flair that they could to their entrance and it was a great success. Either that or WWE wanted to remind fans once again that Mania was in New Orleans again next year so they can sell some of those ridiculously expensive tickets to the local market. Either way, the crowd was pumped to see them and enthralled by the musical styling of The Soul Rebels as they played along with The New Day’s famous entrance music.

We just wish Xavier Woods would have been able to play along with Francesca II, that would have made it even more epic. But we’re willing to bet he just wanted to leave it to the professionals. After all, nobody from The Soul Rebels got in the ring to take bumps.

After the show, The Soul Rebels sent out an awesome thank you message to The New day and WWE for letting them take part in such a memorable entrance. Kofi Kingston replied saying they were “so tight” which is a pretty big compliment coming from him because The New Day aren’t shy from calling something “booty” if they deem it appropriate.

Who knows if we’ll be seeing The Soul Rebels make another appearance at the Silver Dome (according to Hulk Hogan) in New Orleans next year. But if this was a test to see how well The Soul Rebels can operate on a WWE stage, we certainly think they passed with flying colors.

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