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New details on the infamous Bret Hart-Vince McMahon backstage fight

Hannibal TV had a chance to catch up with former WWE/WCW/ECW star 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio was working for WWE in 1997 as Flash Funk and he was in the locker room when the infamous fight occurred between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon after the Montreal screw job. The public story that we’ve heard for years is that Bret Hart knocked out Vince McMahon with one punch but Scorpio provided more details on what happened that night.

Scorpio said that he saw McMahon and Hart and knew that something was going down. Scorpio said that he saw McMahon telling Hart to get out of the locker room and get out of the building. Hart told McMahon that he would get out of the building when he’s ready. Scorpio says that Hart told McMahon that he would be going to take a shower and if McMahon is still standing there then he would knock him out.

McMahon was flanked by Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, and Shane McMahon while Bret had Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart near him. Scorpio said that Hart came out of the shower, put his clothes on, walked over to McMahon and then hit him with a left and a right hand. Scorpio says that’s when Shane jumped on his father to protect him from Hart’s kicks. The part about Hart hitting McMahon twice and kicking him after being knocked down and Shane’s involvement was not talked about before.

Scorpio also goes into an issue he had with Triple H and Chyna stemming from a car accident he was involved in, the match he had with Andre The Giant in Mexico and more. The Hart-McMahon story is in the first video below.

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